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"Join over 2,200+ business owners who have Roosterly manage their social media. Our done-for-you Social Media Management service gets you great content at a ridiculously low price of only $99 per month."

Roosterly Is Intended For:

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Roosterly Is Intended For:

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  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners

This Is NOT For:

  • Musicians
  • Performers / Entertainers
  • Actors
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Never Stress Again About...

High-Quality Content Creation

Let our experts at Roosterly create 

all your social media posts based on your preferences and ensuring each post is high quality and crafted based on analytics from your connections.


Consistent Posting

Our team at Roosterly will keep a 

consistent posting schedule for you, that way you stay active in social media and solidify your personal brand without wondering what your next post would be.

Not Having A Great 

Social Media Presence

Our goal in Roosterly is to create and post high-quality and relevant content so you can build a strong personal brand on social media without you having to do anything.

Meet your new social media manager

  • Take our 14 Day FREE Trial: Fill out the form to schedule your set up call.
  • Save Time: We manage your social media for you.
  • Save Money: 14 days free, then only $99/mo.

"Roosterly offers done-for-you Social Media Management with great content at a ridiculously low price for only $99 per month."

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Roosterly Is Intended For:

  • Executives
  • CEOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners

This Is NOT For:

  • Musicians
  • Performers
  • Entertainers
  • Actors
  • Comedians

Content creation tailored to your preferences

Every piece of content our team create is custom made for you based on the preferences you set up when you sign up to Roosterly.

Build your presence in the main social media platforms for businesses

Roosterly is able to post automatically for you in LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Company Pages, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter and Instagram. Which are the best social media platforms available for businesses.

Content Automatically Scheduled Each Week

Our team will schedule all your content on the best times to post for each platform. The only thing you will need to do is wait for your next post to be automatically posted!

That's Not All...

You Will Also Get All These!

Content scheduler

Social media analytics

Live phone and email support

​16 posts per month directly to your social media (or more depending on the plan you choose)

​Incorporate trending hashtags automatically into your posts

​Social media reporting

In Just 3 Simple Steps Start Building Your 

Social Media Presence Without All The Hassle 

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onboarding call.

Step 2

Sign up and select your 

content preferences.

Step 3

Within 48-72 hours 

we'll begin managing 

your social media.

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Meet Irfan, Founder and CEO of Roosterly 

For over 10 years, Irfan has built and managed social media for the same executives you often see on magazine covers. His work has been featured in International Business Times and he also write for Forbes and CIO.

Irfan’s mission is to position clients to win more opportunities: Growing your online presence through engaging content and building your credibility as an expert in your field.

Here's everything you get for FREE for 14 days!

  • Social Media Content Plan: Content curated, scheduled and posted to your social media platforms based on your audience, objectives and interests. ($850 value)

  • Content Management: 16 Pieces of content posted throughout the month on your behalf. ($800 value)

  • ​​Content Optimization: Content posted on the right time and day for optimum reach. ($400 value)

  • ​​Analytics: KPI's including likes, comments and shares, delivered to your inbox monthly! ($350 value)

  • ​​Dashboard Access: Monitor for specific keywords or competitors so you can stay abreast of the competition. Also, ability to schedule your own content and use trending hashtags automatically. ($400 value)

  • ​​​Live support via phone and email. (Priceless!)

Total Value: $2800

Today: FREE for 14 days!

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Why Roosterly Can Step-Up Your Career

Build Authority

Content marketing positions you as an expert, building trust and credibility in your field.

​Grow and Nurture Your Relationships

Stay at the top of the mind of your network and professional contacts.

Build Your Personal Brand

Attention is one of the most important aspects of social media. We get you the visibility and attention you need to grow your career.

Create Awareness

Our high-quality content will impress anyone researching you on social media.

Save Time

We save our clients 3-10 hours per week by using our done-for-you service.

Save Money

Roosterly starts at just $99 per month for our Executive Social Media Content Curation. Being a great alternative to expensive social media agencies. 



Focus on what you do best while delegating the marketing and social media management 

to Roosterly.

See What Others Have To 

Say About Roosterly!


"The great thing about Roosterly is that it really positions you as an influencer, manages social media for you, keeps you on top of everything and is a conversation catalyst for  people"

- Steve Dolinski

Food and travel writer


"The beauty of working with a company like Roosterly is that you can have consistent quality content posted which will continue to reinforce your leadership and your position and you don't have to spend any time doing it, that's the beauty"

- John Blyth

Executive Coach


"What's being very interesting to me with Roosterly is that people just think that I have done an amazing job posting, re-posting and even writing my own content"

- Amy Dordek

Chief Revenue Officer

See Some Of Our Comments On LinkedIn!

Roosterly is my secret to keeping my name top of mind with my contacts! I coudn't do it without the Roosterly team and Ifran Jafrey is a fun collaboration partner! Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

- Suzanne Burns Jacob

CEO Altura Consulting Group and CMO 

for DHR International

An absolutely amazing service. It's extremely important to have great content posted on your social media pages, for your personal account and also your business account (I can't stress this enough). Roosterly does this best. Give them a try, you won't regret it.

- Grant Golestan-Parast

CEO of GGPMedia

Been an early adopter of the service when it first launched. Super helpful in generating exposure and staying top of mind as a seller. Check it out!

- Joel Fitzgerald

Business Leader, Technology Executive and Consultant to Management

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